I did it again! I was at Zineland Terrace!

I did it again! I was at Zineland Terrace!

I admit it was a last minute decision. I submitted my application for Zineland Terrace in early April, having completely missed the announcement and the deadline by a couple of days. But I figured, since they hadn’t announced anything on their blog, I could at least give it a try.

Imagine my surprise, when I got my confirmation email a week or so later and was faced with a scary realization that I had less than a month (no, less than 3 weeks!) left to get ready!


It was somewhat a blessing that I was so busy with my work (and that I had overstocked last year) that I didn’t do any prep whatsoever. I had copies of WORDASHES zine 1 & 2, as well as my poetry book, and I created some stickers last minute (which my BSF graciously printed and brought to the fair). And that’s what I tabled with. (I had hoped that I would be able to publish a new zine or a book before this event but the time just flew by...)

Once again, it was both an exciting and overwhelming experience. I vlogged just a bit as there was nothing much to show - it was the same location and same setup. I even met some of the vendors that I had seen at Zineland Terrace and Canzine last year!

Saturday was busier as I tried to go to TCAF (if you don’t know, Zineland Terrace is part of a bigger convention - Toronto Comic Arts Festival) to browse and meet artists.

I got myself a copy of a new graphic novel “When I Came to the Castle” by Emily Carroll She had a signing at the booth as well a couple of hours later but when I got there, the line was already so long, that after standing for 10 minutes and getting more and more pain in my lower back and hips, I had to leave. 

I did get to meet a couple of friends (literally ran into them right by my table at the Terrace) which was great!

Sunday was a quieter day but busier in terms of sales. Funnily enough, I sold a bunch of stickers (which you can somewhat see in photos), but only one copy of my poetry book and no copies of the zine. ZERO. At the zine fest! HOW?!

It is not the first time it happened to me. As a matter of fact, I do have an idea why it is happening. But it might be a topic for another blog post. 

Nevertheless, I’m, as always, grateful and happy to have been there. I don’t have that many opportunities to present my craft as a writer to people, so this always feels special. And I met so many talented people there that now I feel inspired to continue working!

There was one unpleasant incident at the fair. I was busy talking to a customer, so I missed the beginning of it but when I turned and looked left - I saw my neighbour holding onto her tips jar (a pretty fawn coin bank) while some shaggy looking guy was tugging it. He didn’t say a word as she was very calmly asking him to let go. 

Had I realized immediately that he tried to steal her tips, I would have yelled! But I was a bit shocked and flabbergasted and didn’t say a thing. He eventually dropped the bank and walked away. Without saying a word. 

For the record, the jar had no more than 2 toonies. And of course, neither volunteers nor security was to be seen anywhere at that point! That gave us a bit of a scare!

But otherwise, it was a delightful experience. I am hoping to put my vlog footage together soon.

Thank you to Arwy for this candid photo!

Thank you to Arwy for this candid photo!

So, keep fighting, little fox. 

Till next time.


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