Everyone in this world was born to two pairs of parents: a pair of humans and a pair of magical folk. Human genes predetermined person’s appearance and magic genes gave an individual unique character and supernatural powers. A child would be born to a pair of humans, and magic parents would be assigned at birth. Never did it happen that a child would have only one pair of parents.

Until Orfelina was born.

Her parents, Mister and Missis Morris, were well-respected citizens, brought up in traditional ways. That was why they stared in horror at the birth certificate that said ‘orphan’ in the category of magical parents. The nurse that provided them with the copy and a screaming bundle looked apologetic but assured them that otherwise their daughter was quite normal.

Quite normal, indeed.

Orfelina grew as any normal child would be scared of monsters under her bed and battling bullies at school. She scraped her knees at least two times a week and kept a very secret diary, in which she moaned about her crush on a neighbour’s son Billy. She was very good at art and very horrible at math. Her smiles were very charming, and everyone liked her a lot.

Her parents had overcome their initial shock and surrounded their only child with twice as much love and care as they could. Some days it was enough. Others - not so much.

Orfelina turned thirteen and still didn’t have any magic powers at all. She cried for hours, praying she could be like everyone else.

Her prayers went unanswered. So the girl continued living her ordinary life and drawing. She drew everything she saw and even more. Imaginary animals and exotic birds, extraterrestrial creatures and other planets covered the pages of her notebook.

One day she left her notebook wide open on the windowsill, as she fell asleep in her bed. She was awakened in the morning by a happy chirping. A bird with green and magenta feathers was sitting on her notebook.

It looked exactly like the bird Orfelina had drawn a day before. With beating heart, the girl jumped out of her bed and shooing the bird away grabbed her notebook. She thumbed through it, but all the pages were completely blank.

She didn’t know what to make of it. Orfelina grabbed a pencil and with a shaking hand drew a quick sketch of a small tabby cat on a blank page. Nothing happened for some time, and then a picture moved, bent, and in a blur of movement a real cat pounced on the floor from the paper.

Orfelina’s whole body was shaking with shock when suddenly her mother’s voice floated up to her room.

“James? Is there any reason why we have a purple octopus on our kitchen table?”

“It wasn’t me!” came her father’s affronted reply.

There was silence, and then rushed footsteps as both parents ran to their daughter’s room. They found her laughing and playing with a tabby cat on her floor.