#BSFA Tweetfiction Entries

Back in 2012, British Science Fiction Association held a contest on Twitter for original fiction (http://www.bsfa.co.uk/). Each entry is 140 (or rather 134, counting the hash-tag) characters. Here are my entries for that contest.

Standing on the edge wasn’t scary. Going back was pointless as plunging forward into the unknown. So motionless he stood. Ages went by.

Days turned bleak and monotonous as I struggled between yesterday and tomorrow, but was irrevocably, irritatingly sucked into today.

“A pink cow? Really?” “Why not?” “When I asked for a present I meant something useful?” “Like what?” “A car!” “Isn’t it boring?”

It hides between buildings, dissolving in the azure sky, burying itself in the fluffy white clouds - a tower, nobody can see.

Blue ink dissolved on a caramel coloured paper, words turning into curling eyelashes and blots becoming a pair of watchful eyes.